At the England Law Office our practice is limited to family law matters. We know that most family law matters are emotionally and financially stressful, therefore, it is our goal to provide legal services that meet your needs and situation.

We provide personalized, compassionate advocacy for you and your family. If your matter involves children, they become our focus also. We approach all of our cases focusing on the best manner to keep you out of the courtroom with a focus on your goals.

Family and Criminal law are areas where emotions and complex legal issues intersect. The outcome in both your family law and criminal law case can have long-term consequences for spouses, parents, children, extended family members and others.

We are dedicated to being supportive of our clients, yet steadfast in our commitment to provide solid long-term advice and recommendations. Just as the needs of a family require balance and compromise, resolving a family law situation involves careful analysis of the best approach to fit the needs of the client. Our divorce, family law and criminal attorneys are equally adept at achieving positive outcomes through negotiation and settlement or through aggressive litigation.

The goal of England Law is to accept clients with objectives that we can achieve and to render the highest quality legal service in the most cost-effective manner.

At England Law we encourage resolution of contested issues without trial. Settlement should be explored early, not on the courthouse steps just before the trial and well after paying all of the fees. We use settlement from all perspectives, including: four-way meetings (attorneys and clients), voluntary settlement conferences with retired judges, etc. England Law carefully analyzes the costs and benefits of litigation as opposed to settlement.

We provide a full spectrum of family law services ranging from litigation to the uncontested matters. We handle only matters that are within our core competence.


We are a full service, family law firm located in Northern California. Our ability to provide personalized and compassionate advocacy for our clients makes us a unique family law firm. At the England Law Office, we can help with a variety of legal matters but our practice is limited to family law.


We provide experienced, empathetic, and effective legal counseling for divorce or legal separation, child custody, spousal support, domestic violence, and various other cases. We believe every case and situation is different, that’s why we create a custom approach for every client.


Legal matters are often times very personal, particularly in the area of family law, that’s why it’s important to work with an attorney you can trust with details about your personal life and an attorney who will listen to you to build a customized legal strategy that addresses your concerns.


Our professional staff are equally adept at achieving a positive outcome through customized negotiation and settlement or through litigation when necessary. We are easily accessible and our clients also get the added benefit of our long-standing relationships with various relevant and local experts. We are committed to understanding our clients and their goals. Our primary objective is to help our clients obtain favorable results through the legal process. When you choose us, you not only get the knowledge and experience of your attorney – you get the advantage of an entire legal team in your corner.


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